Life Of Natural Stones

Stone Formation

Natural stone is the world's oldest flooring and isn't created by man. For millions of years, a combination of heat and pressure created blocks of natural stone, including granite, marble, travertine, limes- tone, and slate.



As the earth's crust began to grow and erode, it pushed the mine- rats up from its core, forming massive rock deposits which we refer to as "quarries". The charm of natural stone comes from the unique variations of their veining and color.



Huge blocks of rock are cut from quarries using diamond coated saws. Large cuts are needed for efficiency and having large unbroken slab surfaces. Recent advances in the stone industry's equipment and technology have greatly impacted the process of extracting stone from the quarry and installing it in a home.


Transferring / Transportation

Each of the stones cut with diamonds has more than 100 copies of their own prints. They are cut again in 20 / 25'series sizes and made portable. The stones that are made into blocks in the stone quarries are transported to the factory where they will be carefully cut



The way the stone is cut dramatically changes the final look of the Stone. The rock is formed over a very long period of time, as layers of sediment gather on top of each other and solidify. Cutting along or across of these layers result in very different patterns like cross-cut, vein-cut, book-matching.



The surface of the stone is finished for different purposes. Most commonly, the surface is finely sanded, providing a smooth polished look. If the surface is sanded slightly less, it gives a smooth matte look, known as honed. More dramatic finish textures can also be achieved, such as tumbled, split faced, hammered or brushed.


Sizing Process

After calibrating and finishing, the stones are cutting in the sizing machines according to the desired scales. It is made ready for a long journey.



Appropriately Sized and packed in crates natural stones begin a journey across the continents.



Millions of years later, natural stones extracted from various quarries of the world are waiting to be admired in showrooms to meet new owners.