Bianco Dolomite Marble

Bianco Dolomite Marble is extracted from Turkey.  This low contrast patterned tile is a mix of white and pale gray. It is optimal for marble as a tile on the floor and walls of your kitchen and bathroom.

This marble material is not only stylish, but also resistant. Thanks to Bianco dolomite premium the design power of white marbles' beauty continues unabated across the natural stone industry. This product that create differences, are candidates to be the first choice in bathrooms and kitchens' floor and walls.

Bianco Dolomite is a fine-grained milky white marble variety, with distinctive and smooth gray veins and content is 40% calcium magnesium carbonate or more. For this reason, it is very suitable to use on the floors of your kitchen and bathroom.

MM Tile & Stone

05 Haziran 2022