As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remain a top priority.

We are closely monitoring, cleaning, and sanitizing all of our products since we know this is more important than ever right now.

Health and safety come first, we are doing everything we can.
Thank you for being our valued customer.

Fast & Cost-Effective
Shipping Nationwide

West Coast : 1-2 days
Mid-West : 2-4 days
East Coast : 4-5 days

We do nationwide shipments everyday and that gives us the advantage of having very special rates with many LTL companies to bring the shipping cost down to ground. That means you can use our warehouse as your own.

Full Concept Collections
with Huge Stock

When we decide to carry a collection, we stock as full concept with high quality tiles, mosaics, moldings and borders with different size and finish options. You will know that when you quote a project, you will have everything you need in place. Especially mosaics, we have a wide variety of designs, more than 60 different look on some colors.

Special Pricing

It is extremely important for us to provide fair pricing to our partners all around the country. We also have a special program that allows our partners to have an access to our millions of dollars worth of stock in California with container-based pricing, by only investing an amount of couple containers.