About Us

MM Tile & Stone is a natural stone company with a focus on Italian collections. With the support of Italian designers, we offer huge selection of different mosaic designs with premium quality. Our main goal is to be easily accessible for our valuable partners in each state in the U.S.

Integrity is the key value for our company and we always look forward to establish long-term relationships within the industry. Our company’s history and values have been built for many years thru generations of businesspeople. Our founder, Musa Birdal, has carried these values into MM Tile & Stone and this is how today we continue to grow within the natural stone industry.

Lets look into this rich history by his own words:

“Born into a large family of four brothers and three sisters, the Mother Earth provided sustenance, nurturance and guidance for our family and the earth has always been the bedrock of our family business.

Initially, the family business started with food manufacturing industry. Over time, as our company grew, we diversified into mining natural stones and textiles. Mining natural stones quickly became the focus of the family business and we acquired marble quarries and started working with the best Italian quarries shortly thereafter. These prestigious stones has been sold from these quarries to customers in East Asia, Western Europe and North America. My family has been trading in the international business world for an astounding 120 years as four generations!

It is an honor to continue my family legacy of value and integrity with MM Tile & Stone. Our customers and vendors can attest to this high standard.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my family's legacy for this great earth that provides much beauty!“