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Lymra (Capri) Limestone Tile 36" X 36" 3/4 Honed Tile

Lymra (Capri) Limestone Tile 36" X 36" 3/4 Honed Tile

Lymra (Capri) Honed Limestone Tiles make it very easy to make your kitchen, bathroom, or any other place look flawless and perfect. They provide luxury and privilege to every home by adding rich textures, patterns, and endless decorative possibilities. With a honed surface, your space not only becomes beautiful but also offers less reflection and a silky appearance for you to enjoy! You won't find the elegance of the beige limestone tiles anywhere else for your space.


Product Name Lymra (Capri) Limestone Tile 36" X 36" 3/4 Honed Tile
Item Code
Color Beige
Type Tile
Collection Lymra (Capri) Limestone
Material Limestone
Country of Origin Turkiye
Size 36" X 36"
Thickness 3/4
Description 36" X 36" 1/2 Honed Tile
Finish Honed
Sold By sq. ft
Usage Area Floor, Wall
Shape Square
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